Stained glass lamps – Organic themes are timeless

admin March 2, 2018

Nature’s beauty overcomes time and fashion so in case you are trying to find a classic piece, you cannot fail with a natural motif based Tiffany lamp. Case in point: Have you heard of Louis Comfort Tiffany? He is the son of the creator of the famous and prestigious department store Tiffany & Co… He loved everything from houses to exquisite gardens to works of art, from jeweler. He had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He desired since he could manage anything. Back so, or at the fantastic old days of 1900, Louis Tiffany set up his own business named Tiffany Studios.

stained glass lamps

Tiffany studios Produced amazing Tiffany stained glass lamps, from organic motifs like insect and floral no. Perhaps not the disgusting type like a black beetles   apologies to anybody who’s got a fetish for black beetles   however stunning insects like dragonflies, butterflies… these kind of things. Although stained glass Lamps of a motif was not the sort of motif Tiffany since he made style that is magnificent stained glass lamps too    it had been the themed stained glass lamps that stood out from the audience. Times were not rosy for Louis. Things were so bad he needed to stop creation of particular Tiffany lamps and slash the costs of his stained glass lamps he had in inventory… because times were changing… interior decoration of American houses were shifting and Tiffany lamps did not appear to get a spot in these shifting times. He dropped the cost of his lamps to change the stay lamps he had in inventory.

But this was not the Finish of Tiffany lamps. Not by a long shot. There was constantly a whisper of a purchase here and there, of a normal themed lamp; like the wisteria lamp, or the dragonfly lamp… that the dragonfly lamp is just one of Louis’s very well known lamps I think. And after 20 decades of rather slow earnings in lamps were in the calendar year 1920 or there about a long lost log book indicated that the sales of Tiffany lamps were on the upswing. Just like a phoenix from the ashes the earnings of a number of Tiffany’s natural lamps were on the gain and check over here. Though the designs of lamps in this period had changed and people were not buying Tiffany lamps in good amounts, every now and then a wisteria lamp a cobweb lamp or even a dragonfly lamp could be marketed.

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