Care of Cockatiels – Have a healthy and happy cockatiel

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cockatiel cageA Good Deal of cockatiel owners do not get what could be wrong with feeding your Cockatiel with seeds. However, the thing about this belief, it kills tens of thousands of various cockatiels around America and in fact. About seeding your bird the thing is that seeds Lack vitamins and all the minerals your cockatiel requirements, so as a consequence of the cockatiel becomes malnourished, which might cause illness or death of your cockatiel.

And if you are like most of owners, this is not a life cockatiel to have.

The matter is that a whole lot of cockatiel owners overlook this fact mainly because they do not know that what they are doing is wrong. But the thing is that diet should be your number one priority for a cockatiel owner. Neglecting this could cause your cockatiel to expire during its 4th – year old.

But what else there is if you cannot feed your cockatiel with seeds?


Have every nutrient your bird needs even though they are manufactured. Pre

And due to it, you will have a happy, healthy cockatiel. Pretty easy, right?

Actually, no…

Though pellets are part of the cockatiel’s diet, it shouldn’t be the thing that you feed your bird. Vegetables and fruits are a wonderful choice as an extra food for your cockatiel’s diet.

Your cockatiel requires at least ten for a bird that is healthy. If you fail this point, it may get ill, depressed and is going to get cranky.

Hand rearing cockatiels is no easy task, but there are times when you will want to bring a higher price when you sell them, or just to make sure their survival.

If you notice that one of those chicks appears to be falling behind its nest you can supply it with food to be able to ensure its own survival. You will have to feed it in the evening and once in the morning. Reduce the time that the chick is by preparing the food before eliminating the chick.

Give the food to the chick on best food for cockatiels teaspoon which has the bent Inwards to form a type of funnel. Since it will permit the chick, a spoon is much better to use than a syringe. You might force an excessive amount of food and make it to choke. After the feeding wipe the beak carefully to remove any residue of food. If the food sticks to the soft beak, it will make the beak.

Taking a Look provides a clear Indicator of whether the chick has eaten or not. If the harvest is the, slack Chick is hungry, and when it’s whiter in colour than the surrounding skin it’s full. Feed the chick although the harvest appears full, but should not look though it’s going to burst.

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